Some concert photos with the 5D III

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Re: Some concert photos with the 5D III

On the Mark II I have to use the spot metering so I can get the photos correctly exposed.

I tried using spot metering in concerts once or twice, but I find it difficult, especially for quickly changing lightning conditions as the ones of these concerts.

You're right that it is hard to get the right exposure on very quick lighting changing concerts with spot metering, but I think is still better than the 5D Mark II with matrix metering.
Sometimes I even prefer to go to manual exposure to get the photo.

The last concert I shot was almost all in Manual Exposure as lighting was extremely poor.

Was shooting most of the concert with ISO 5000, f2.8 with speed between 1/100 and 1/160.

More photo on:

The one thing about the 5D Mark III that is scaring me a little bit is about one of it's biggest features, the AF System.

I've read that the AF Point don't blink red as the 5D Mark II, and that can make them hard to see on low light situations as Concerts.

In your experience how did that work?

I also own the 7D, as I said, and the technology is similar, even though, on the 5D the problem seems worse than on the 7D (where points are a bit more visible). Though there is a quick workaround: when I cannot see the focus point, I push the AF-select button and the points get illuminated in red. For me it works quite well.

Happy to see that there are some workarounds.

Thanks for the answers.

Best regards,

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