Oly epl-1 still worthy?

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The E-PL1 is a good camera, final judgement down to expectations

Image quality is not much different from the other cheap m43 cameras, up to the GF3 or E-PL3 you won't notice too much of a difference. CHeapest camera with better noticably IQ is the Panasonic G3.

The difference is the handling. The E-PL1 does not use wheels for settings, so you will be clicking a lot of buttons a lot of time. If you are used to p&s (pocket cameras) then this is not a problem, it will work much like you are used to. If you are used to bigger and better cameras this will be a huge problem and you should not consider the E-PL1

The main fault of the E-PL1 is that it does not have as fast auto focus as the newer cameras. Again, if you come from p&s cameras you will feel that the auto focus is fast beyond imagination. If you come from SLRs the auto focus will feel sluggish and unreliable (even though it is way more precise than any SLR) It is not an action camera, you will never see one of these at the sidelines of a football stadium (For a number of reasons, but the slow AF will be the main objective reason)

So there you are Your experience with a camera like the E-PL1 entirely depends on where you come from and what you expect from the camera. One thing is for certain, it is a hell of a lot of camera for the money! And it will be a good camera if you don't expect more than it can deliver.

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