Will the GH3 use a Sony sensor?

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You're right, GH2 best in class for video

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But panasonic has better video quality than the sony sensor, there's no perfect sensor yet.

isn't that only because the gh2 is hackable? if someone hacked the sony nex models, wouldn't the quality be competitive? unhacked, isn't the gh2's video quality pretty similar to the nex7's?

From what I can tell, the answer is no. There are many pros who use the GH2 for work even without hacking. Hacking just makes it better with much more options. It may be in use but you generally don't hear about pros using NEX cameras for video. GH2 (and GH1) also has way more features/options for video vs NEX. As far as I can tell, GH2's competitors are the modern top end FF cameras (top Canons, Nikon D800/D800e).

Course, please correct me if I"m wrong about any of this, as I generally don't follow video much.

The GH2 is one of the best among mirrorless and DSLRs for video, even unhacked. The hack let you increase the bitrate, give you GOP (group of pictures) control and sound recording control, which make an excellent camera an outstanding one!

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