Struggling to isolate skies in LR, is this a reasonable workflow?

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Re: Struggling to isolate skies in LR, is this a reasonable workflow?

Actually, LR has pretty sophisticated controls (some are even better than Photoshop) but they just work differently.
The brush tool for example.

If you click the "Auto Mask", it functions somewhat like the quick selection tool in Photoshop.

Ho9wever, you don't see marching ants, but if you hit the "O" key, you will see a Photoshop-like red coloring like in the quick mask. Hitting the "O" is a toggle, showing you visibly what has been "selected".

The Size and Flow settings of the brush is similar named settings in the Photoshop brush tool, feather is like the Photoshop brush softness and Density is like the "opacity", all settings found when working in a Photoshop mask.

Hitting the "O" lets you visually see (a) what you are painting and (b) how thick you are are applying the effect.


Once you have made that selection with the brush, you can play with the sliders of the brush tool, all of which will be applied JUST to the selected areas (just like you state you would like to see). Even if you close the brush and come back later, you can reactivate the selection by clicking on the "pin" and mess with the sliders some more. This is totally Cool and MUCH more flexible than in Photoshop. It's like being able to do multiple adjustment layers at the same time. And you can apply as many adjustment brush "layers" as you want.

What LR does NOT offer is blending of multiple images or cutting a portion of an image away and placing that into another image.

But for any of the often used adjustment layers for saturation, contrast, levels, highlights, shadows, even sharpening and noise, you can apply selectively. In a very cool and flexible manner.

fuego6 wrote:

I too continue to be amazed by the poor controls that exist in LR still... the inability to just create simple selections with a magnetic lasso and then adjust only on that selection (and even promote the selection to a layer) is amazing at this stage of LR development. I know they don't want to compete against themselves and PS.. but common Adobe.. I can do amazing edits simply in both Aftershot Pro and Sagelight using selections.. time for LR to offer it!

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