Capri island or Amalfi coast in Italy on a shore excursion?

Started Jul 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
mbaginy Senior Member • Posts: 2,241
Be aware...

...that whichever option you chose, you'll only be scratching the surface, so to say, of any historical or picturesque sites. My sister lives some 60km north of Naples, I've visited Pompeii, various islands off the coast of Naples as well as driven the coast of Amalfi numerous times. And still, I find new motifs and interesting new images. I shy away from summertime visits though due to masses of vacationers.

Basically, I suggest to ask yourself, where your interests lie. I'm very interested in ancient Roman history and would find two or three hours at Pompeii far too short except for quickly running through the site, trying to capture those well-known shots we've seen in tourist guides. I could spend days in Pompeii (and Herculaneum) without boredom setting in. Also, I don't care for Capri much - I prefer Iscia, but that's very personal.

Enjoy your vacation and happily participate the tour you finally decide upon - each should be unforgettably nice.

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