Advice needed from NYC resident or recent visitor

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Re: Advice needed from NYC resident or recent visitor

PeterY wrote:

Thanks for all the great points. We are driving down and plan to leave the car at he hotel. We actually found a great hotel in North Bergen NJ for $120/night. In Manhattan, there is really nothing under $300 per night. I haven't booked it because I was wondering what the commute in was like. According to the hotel, it is a 15 min commute and they have shuttles every morning and pick up in the evening. The question is, do cabs in NYC drive out to NJ incase we need to go back to the hotel? Probably not, so how do we go back if we need to before the pick up time, I guess by train?

they do but it will cost

and 15 minutes if there is no traffic and zero tunnel traffic, if there is a jam it can be an hour solid just to drive across the tunnel itself, listen to traffic reports, don't try to enter or exit at the wrong times, but north bergen is really close to the tunnel so without any accidents or rush hour it might be a pretty quick zip in and out

Also found some nice places in Brooklyn but they don't have parking!

locksley wrote:

You aren't going to find hotels in Jersey that much cheaper unless you go farther out from the city, and then you have a longer and not cheap commute. Do not attempt to bring your rental car into Manhattan! You will be $$$$ with bridge and tunnel tolls, and your chances of finding a free parking spot are slim to none, unless you come in after 7 pm or on a Sunday. You can use a garage $$$$. If you park in the other boroughs, be prepared move your car on alternate side of the street days, or you will be ticketed (or towed). You are way better off not renting a car, paying tolls, parking headaches, and putting that money saved into a hotel room in the city. Even if you are staying in Brooklyn or Queens, do not bring you car into the city! You will waste more time in traffic than it is worth. You won't save money taking cabs, so forget about that. Cheapest and quickest is the subway. Buses are very slow, you can walk faster in Manhattan. If you take the subway, get a subway map, or ask a rider that looks more or less normal. On weekends, read the subway service notices; many of the lines do not run the "normal" route on the weekends.

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