Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

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Re: Is OM-d autofocus accurate?: Yes!

JosephScha wrote:

I don't even have the camera, but I know the answer to the question. Look at some of the very many OM-D pictures posted in this forum.

People tend to not post their out of focus photos.

In general, contrast detect focus is more accurate than phase detect, because the same sensor that takes the picture is used for focus. As lenses get sharper and sensors get to 16MP and beyond the accuracy (or lack thereof, sometimes) of focus with separate phase detect sensors has been a topic of discussion.

But the question is whether OM-D autofocus is accurate, not whether CDAF is more accurate than PDAF.

Using your line of reasoning, all of the cheap $100 P&S cameras have more accurate focusing than the Nikon D700 in PDAF mode!

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