Craig's list scam and paypal?

Started May 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Aaron WillisChang !

Lol. Well done. We need more people like you to keep the bad guys at bay. lmao.

Regards Antioch

Aaron WillisChang wrote:

I used to hate those scam emails, but now I have fun stringing them along.

I act all naive and friendly, ask them where their relative is, etc. Then they say something like "Bangladesh" and then I say "Oh my goodness, I'm headed there next week! Isn't that amazing? I'll save you a pretty penny and deliver it in person!"

Then they make up some hilarious excuses; oh he/she'll be away that day; he/she is very busy; he/she doesn't like white people (srsly).

This goes back and forth until they realize I'm just wasting their time.

Sometimes I also talk to telemarketers just to mess with them, but usually I don't get their hopes up too much because they're not trying to scam you, they're just working in an underpaid shitty job.

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