Fuji W3........impressions after 6 months use

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Re: Fuji W3........impressions after 6 months use

I have had my Fuji W3 for nearly a year now; I have always had an interest in 3D from looking at View master reels as a child, but not to the extent of building my own 3D rig. I bought my W3 as a refurbished unit and hence it was very cheap.

The camera itself is well constructed and the screen on the back superb, I have had no issues with alignment. I normally print my stereo photos out as card pairs and use the OWL viewer to view them, the effect overall is very good. I haven’t tried using the video option it just doesn’t interest me.

I often end up with a finger in the picture due to the lens position, but the main W3 drawback for me is picture quality. Compared to my usual LX5 the W3 picture quality is very poor, this is probably down to the size of the sensors. I had hoped that I could use the W3 as my only camera but the picture quality rules this out. Since I normally print my stereo pictures out on 6x4 card the poor picture quality is not so noticeable but when viewing the pictures you often see a speckled effect, very like coarse grain. Another disappointment is you can’t use both lenses for HDR and I like wide angle lens (24mm is ideal).

I have thought about getting rid of the W3 since I like to carry just one camera and the W3 is just not up to it, but it didn’t cost me much and it is still one of the best 3D cameras around.

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