First Prime - advice needed

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Re: First Prime - advice needed

I've had Canon crop cameras and just sold the 85 1.8 and replaced this with a 50 1.8 II and 100 2.8.

I've just come back from a outdoor portrait shoot today, the first shoot with my two lenses. I'm an enthusiast amateur and here's some of my observations which hopefully can help you.

Firstly, I miss the bokeh of the 85 1.8. The 100mm 2.8 just doesn't offer as pleasant a background blur. However it does focus better in low contrast situations (e.g. face in shade) from a distance. They are both comparably sharp wide open, with the macro lens providing superior CA.

The nifty 50, I find, has a very nice focal length. However, it's a huge step down from the 85 1.8 for portraiture imo. Reasons being, the bokeh is less pleasing - meaning the out of focus background is a bit distracting, whereas with the 85, it just melted away nicely.

More importantly though, the focusing is very inconsistent. (60D - no focus/recompose). Worse than the 85 1.8. This is a major problem especially with distances, I find, greater than 3 metres.

Nonetheless, it's sharp enough when in focus and frankly a pretty good deal for the price. It's amazingly light on the camera. I can however see myself upgrading to the 50 1.4 in the future.

I think you may find the 40mm 2.8 doesn't give you the control over DOF that a faster lens will, but it's all personal preference.
Hope this helps.

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