Seeking opinions re: manual focusing with EVF.

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Seeking opinions re: manual focusing with EVF.

Hello! I wanted to get a variety of 2¢s from those using manual glass on the OM-D with the electronic viewfinder. I had hoped to replace my system with the OM-D and some new prime m43 glass. However, my Dad suffered a severe medical setback and finances have had to be shifted around a bit to help with his care. So, I now plan to go fwd getting the OM-D, but will likely go with a variety of several MF lenses.

I primarily do actor's headshots. Use to shoot with a D700 and a 80-200mm AFS shot around 2.8. Will be shooting tight headshots at around 120-180mm with OLY's 2x cropped factor, with f/1.2- 1.4 to get the DOF similar to what I normally shoot.

Now, I never really liked shooting with the OVF while shooting narrow DOF. Always seems to be in focus when shooting, and then when checking the focus, too often find the focus was not nearly as spot-on as it appeared in the viewfinder. In theory, it seems to me that shooting shallow DOF with an EVF would be ideal... you would have more keepers because you are seeing the actual DOF right there. Seems that way to me in theory when I think about it. Is it the case in actuality for many of you?

Secondly, does the OM-D have a focus indicator when using MF glass? If using center S-AF, is focusing 100% visual, or is there an indicator light in the corner to use as a guide?

Thanks in advance to all. I am pretty much set to come back to OLY, with this new OM-D. I did like the D700, but do not relish the thought of lugging that brick around the city streets doing headshots... I always use a battery grip, so that just makes it worse... the OM-D seems ideal, and with some of the bright primes, even using MF for now, could be exactly what I need to get me going again.

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