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Re: Pics from the 70's

mildes wrote:

I really wonder what it must be to see the place or the trail minus the crowds.

I can't remember how many days hiking the trail for I spent a few around Machu Picchu first. It might have been three days or so. The trail was quite rugged back then. At one point I lost it and had to scale a very dense slope to get back to where I thought the trail was. My pants ended up shredded which later created some amusement for a couple of locals waiting for the train as well. I couldn't make out what they were saying for as I later learned they were speaking their native language Quechua which I'm sure you know is nothing similar to Spanish.

As far as the trails popularity, I didn't see a soul on that trail the whole time but I did see a bear which the President of the Peru's World Wildlife Fund explained was a rare sighting. Unfortunately it represented a small portion of the picture I caught of it.

I also visited the Galapagos Islands back then. Five of us pitched in to rent a guide and his small fishing boat from James Island I believe to visit seven other islands in about five days. That cost each of us under $15. Things were extremely lacks compared to today that's for sure.

You can see some images of my trips to South America at my website. Wait for the Home page tabs to load during the slide show and click the International tab. My profile page shows a BW image of me back then camping with a tarp for a tent outside of Machu Picchu.

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