Oly epl-1 still worthy?

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Re: Oly epl-1 still worthy?

The EPL1 has lovely image quality. It does use the original 12MP sensor, so it is not as good in low light as the more recent 16MP sensors from Oly and Panasonic (I tended to keep it to ISO 800 as a maximum in normal use).

The drawbacks to the camera are as follows: It hunts to focus in low light (with the version of the kit lens that comes with it, it really has difficulty locking focus in low light situations, especially).

It has button access to setting changes instead of a dial; this makes adjusting Aperture/Shutter speed and exposure compensation less intuitive than it could be, and I personally found it a frustrating camera to use because of that.

The LCD is not easy to see at all in daylight. I ended up getting the external viewfinder for it since I couldn't make out anything in daylight at all on the LCD without it.

It does not have speedy autofocus. The current generation of M43 cameras (even the ones with the 12MP sensors) are MUCH faster focusing, both in daylight and in lower light. Also, the EPL1 does not have an AF assist lamp, which the current gen cameras all do....

Essentially, if you are willing to put up with those drawbacks, you can indeed get some great performance from this camera. If you are planning to get into M43 and get several lenses now with the EPL1 body, and then upgrade the body down the road, then sure, go for it. However, if you want speedy focus and good ergonomics, you may want to go for a current gen model instead....


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