Handheld macro & EVF - best options?

Started Jul 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
bedhead Regular Member • Posts: 363
Re: Handheld macro & EVF - best options?

You should be able to get a Nikkor 50ish 1:1 for $100. (As much detail as you can stand.)

When I don't have my tripod, I simply shoot a LOT of images. Most of them are complete misses! But, I work on my technique, my breathing, and I get damn muddy down on the ground.

Taking 25 shots of the same dead vole trapped in the vines, with only one keeper, is the price I paid.

It's a process, and I remember the moment, because of the effort.

That said, getting no keepers this weekend because i didn't want to take the tripod, made me very sad indeed... Live and learn.

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