D700 and 85mm 1.4G

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Thank you for your thoughtful critique. You're spot on with your comments.

  • I think the over exposure of the first photo might have to do with my over-zealous shooting with wide aperture. It was a hot, bright day in Las Vegas so I should've stopped down more. I'm also inexperienced with PP & not able to use PS effectively. I also agree with your point about letting the bokeh compete with the main subject's attention. I'll keep that in mind.

  • For the pastries shot, I'll keep your suggestion about the angle of the shot in mind. There were too many people in line & other physical factors preventing me from getting down on the same level/plane to shoot them straight on. I'd also thought by shooting at a slight angle, I'll get better lighting. Obviously, that didn't work out.

Your comments are very helpful. I also don't mind posts that tell me straight out "your photos suck" but a brief explanation of "why" & "what" I could do to improve is more constructive than the your-photos-are-uninspiring-so-don't-post comments.

At any rate, the take-away:

  • Refrain from taking photos with wide-open apertures to just show off the bokeh.

  • Always be mindful of composition (this is harder than it sounds & takes practice).

  • Obtain optimal exposure.

Thanks again,

My only criticism on your set up for one would be just a little more dof, just a shade past her head... The bokeh is great, too bad that the colors don't a little further down to bring more uniformity the sectors seem to fight for your attention.. (Not in your control at any angle,,you did well with what was there.) I don't know whether it is the camera's decision or your's but the beauty lost just a little bit of detail in the face and seemed to be washed out just a little bit.... this may be the reflection of the light around her but minor details bring out more character and beauty in the object IMHO... hopefully just food for thought not fodder for a cannonade...

The second woman has much better detail and the bokeh is more uniform allowing more detail to be seen in her face. There again the picture is almost there in exposure but much closer than the first shot. Over all a great candid photo reflecting a truly beautiful smile at a good angle and above average lighting allowing for defintintion in the face...

The candies is a nice sharp pic with good lighting and colors typical of the D700, nice artsy shot... I think that the angle could be improved if you wanted to use a limited dof, more like straight on (from the right or left just a hair) or much less above the shelf level. I to like to do this type of shottoo but after reading "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson I am slowly becoming a fan of his view of "Story telling with the DOF" and his view is to keep both the front and back in focus in most cases to tell the story better. (Chapter on Aperture starting at pg. 40) Not manditory or a photo law but I like his version of dof for a lot of applications...

Thanks for posting these pics, please take anything I have said with a positive spin because that is the way I meant it to be... Keep shooting and above all keep posting, it will help you grow as a photographer...


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