Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

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Re: Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

1) You get the most accurate/reliable auto-focus on the E-M5 by using full-screen magnified view. It should not hunt back and forth in most situations and sometimes is able to acquire focus in low light where the standard AF-S method is not. As a drawback it is slow to acquire focus, because it moves the focus motor a lot slower.

Beep and green light should usually mean that the camera is in focus and the possibility to decrease the size of the focus box helps, too (x14). But you need to use full-screen zoom, but just use the smaller box in Magnify live view.

2) AF-S uses a quick but less reliable auto-focus method. When the you get the beep and green light then it should be in focus, but since the focus box is rather large you cannot be sure what object/plane inside the box is in focus. In bad light this method can hunt back and forth and may not be able to acquire focus at all.

3) AF-C uses a combination of AF-S focus method and magnified focus method, first it tries AF-S and then it switches to hunting (using the same method as full-screen magnified) while the shutter is held half-pressed.

You need to wait until the hunting settles/stops and then watch out not to shake the camera too much or getting other motion in frame (green light will blink then to indicate a change in frame). In AF-C the E-M5 is not in focus when the green light is solid, but only once hunting settles, which happens a few seconds after the green light got solid!

4) Watch out for Face Detection (priority), because the E-M5 tends to detect face where there are none (not even closely resembling a face). This can quickly go on and off in some scenes and not only shifts focus to that spot, but also put metering on that same spot (when Evaluative metering is used).

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