will this work with ZS19?

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Re: will this work with ZS19?

Karma wrote:

Thanks! I wonder also about the quality....I actually had a ZS3 - sold it on ebay.

On this topic, I also have an LX5 and just now tried wedging my ZS19 battery into the charger that came with it. It will fit and the green light comes on when I plug it in....hmmmm, wondering if I can get away with charging the ZS19 battery this way?? Damage? It does fit into the charger - a little tight, but fits. Any ideas?

Yes, it will work. The battery type and contacts are the same and the voltage is the same, just some size difference that doesn't matter as long as the contacts are the same pattern and line up and connect.

I have an ebay charger that was supposed to be for one of the FH models, but my LX5, ZS3-7, and TS3 batteries all fit in and charge fine. Makes travel easy since I can take one charger for all of them.

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