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Time of Troubles Reenactment Photos SX220HS prt1

I always enjoyed going to historical reenactments, back home in the US, I was a member of the 4th Georgia Mounted Militia, assigned to Gen. John Hunt Morgan's battalion CSA, the same unit as my 4th great grandfather's unit. So I enjoy going to historical reenactments here in Russia when I can find the time. Yesterday there was a reenactment of Russia's Time of Troubles in Kolomenskya Park, so I was able to go since it is close to where I live.

The Time of Troubles was a period of Russian history comprising the years of interregnum between the death of the last Russian Tsar of the Rurik Dynasty, Feodor Ivanovich, in 1598, and the establishment of the Romanov Dynasty in 1613. In 1601–1603, Russia suffered a famine that killed one-third of the population, about two million. At the time, Russia was occupied by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Dymytriads, and suffered from civil uprisings, usurpers and impostors.

After Feodor's death, his brother-in-law and closest adviser, boyar Boris Godunov, who had already acted as regent for the mentally-challenged Feodor, was elected his successor by a Great National Assembly (Zemsky Sobor). Godunov's short reign (1598–1605) was not as successful as his administration under the weak Feodor.

In 1603 a man calling himself Dmitri — first of the so-called False Dmitris — and professing to be the rightful heir to the throne, appeared in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Dmitri had been stabbed to death before his brother Feodor's death, allegedly by Godunov's order; but the mysterious individual who was impersonating him was regarded as the rightful heir by many of the population. He attracted support both in Russia and outside its borders, particularly in the Polish Commonwealth and the Papal States. Factions in the Polish Commonwealth saw him as a tool to extend their influence over Russia, or at least gain wealth in return for their support; the Papacy saw it as an opportunity to increase the hold of Roman Catholicism over the Eastern Orthodox Russians.

A few months later in 1603, Polish forces crossed the frontier with a small force of 4,000 Poles, Lithuanians, Russian exiles, German mercenaries and Cossacks from the Dnieper and the Don, in what marked the beginning of the Polish Commonwealth's intervention in Russia, or the Dymitriad wars. Although the Polish Commonwealth had not officially declared war on Russia (as its king, Sigismund III Vasa, was opposed to the intervention), some powerful magnates decided to support False Dmitri with their own forces and money, in the expectation of rich rewards afterward. False Dmitri was married per procura to Marina Mniszech, and immediately after Godunov's death in 1605, he made his triumphal entry into Moscow.

The nation rose together under the leadership of Kuzma Minin, a Nizhny Novgorod merchant, and Prince Pozharsky. After the battle for Moscow on November 1, the invaders retreated to the Kremlin, and on October 24–27 O.S. (November 3–6 N.S.) the nearby Polish army was forced to retreat. The garrison in the Kremlin surrendered to the triumphant Pozharsky. Annually on November 4, Russia officially celebrates the anniversary of this event as a Day of National Unity.

I think my SX220HS performed pretty good. I have tried to instal the CHDK, but just got nowhere with it, I was hoping to be able to try out the raw functions, but the only thing I can get it to do is show the battery level, and it seemed to drain pretty fast, so I deleted it, but I am pretty happy with what the SX220 can do without it. Here are a few photos from the reenactment yesterday, over 1000 participants from over 14 countries are in this reenactment. Hope you enjoy them. Photos have been post preprocessed and resized.

Polish pikemen advancing towards the Russian fortifications

Ukrainian Cossacks clash with Polish cavalrymen

Polish cannon fire

Polish cannon fire getting closer to Russian fortifications

Polish pikemen advance

Polish riflemen

Next line of Polish riflemen

Polish horse without his rider

Pentax K-r
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