XP1 + 60mm strikes again

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Re: XP1 + 60mm strikes again


Thanks everyone for the positive comments. Comapedrosa, in response to your question on processing, here's what I did (from memory):

  • Shot in RAW

  • Imported into Lightroom

  • Cropped a little (per the "rule of thrids")

  • "Auto" exposure, which darkened the image quite a bit, but brought out details

  • Fuji white balance always seems perfect - no adjustment

  • I increased exposure from "Auto" to about -.85 or so

  • Slight adjustments to white and black sliders, but nothing too different than "auto"

  • After this, background looked good, but Gretha's face too dark

  • So, I used the best feature in LR - the adjustment brush - to selectively "paint" back exposure on to her face, probably +.50 or so

  • I used the LR preset for "portrait" sharpening

  • A "bit" of vibrancy (maybe +8 or so)

  • Exportedd to PS as 16-bit .tif file

  • In PS, Exposure 3 filter, Fuji Astia (default settings)

That's it!

Comapedrosa wrote:

Jeff, congratulation for yet another amazing portrait, and of course your beautiful daughter!

Would you mind sharing how you processed this picture, and the prior portrait that got so much positive press? (i read in one of your posts that you use LR+PS/Alien Skin Exposure 2 plug-in (which i like too). If that's the case, could you tell us more? e.g., what do you do in Lightroom, what filter do you apply in the Alien Skin plug-in etc))

Thank you so much,

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