Buying first SLR the D800 too much for me?

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Re: Buying first SLR the D800 too much for me?

User_name just saved my typing. I agreed with him 100%.

It's just like buying a Porsche for a teenager just got his/her driver license. If money is not an issue, there is nothing wrong with it. But it's just... too early for too much.

In fact, D3200 is a capable camera. It has the SONY 24MP sensor tuned by Nikon. It's inexpensive and light weight. With a 18-55VR (or 18-105VR) kit lens and optional 35mm (or 50mm) f/1.8G, you've a camera producing much much better picture than P&S already. What you really needs is some photography skills.

BTW, congrat to your baby. Make sure you don't flash straight to him/her eyes too often.

Hope this helps.

user_name wrote:

If you have not used SLRs or DSLRs before, then yes, the D800 will probably do more to disappoint you then provide joy.

I would consider the entry level DSLRs a good start and take a few photography courses.

Good lenses will also set you back and the D800 really does not shine until you spend the big bucks for pro glass. It is sort of like buying a Porsche Turbo and then trying to run cheap Pep Boys tires on it. The results will be a waste of money.

You can buy a D3200, a kit lens, and photography courses for less than one pro lens and then discover if photography is really something you are passionate about.

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