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D4 battery in Meike MB-D12

Like the OP I too would have never even considered buying a knock-off. I've been shooting Nikon professionally for a few decades, and I'm a die-hard fan, but the price of the MB-D12 ($430 here in Canada) is just plain extortion, even for Nikon. If it was anywhere near reasonable, like $250, I would buy it over the Meike, but I just can't stomach $430 vs. $79. Enough ranting, on to the question...

Since the Meike unit does not come with the adapter to use a D4 battery, I'm curious if anyone has actually tried using the Nikon brand BL-5 Battery Chamber Cover and the D4 battery in the Meike MB-D12. This would be really nice to know.

If the Meike really is an exact copy, in theory it should work. There's no point in speculating of course, as the only way to know for sure is to try it. Has anyone with a Meike grip had the opportunity to head to their local Nikon dealer and give it a try?

PS: You want to see expensive? How about the MC-25 adapter cable... a 16 inch piece of wire with a plug on each end... Nikon price only $109.50!!!!!!!!!!)

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