Pentax K-5 with 3 Limited Lenses or Fuji X-Pro1 with 3 Primes

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Re: Handled K-30 and Fuji X-Pro1 ... Still confused...

Hi Madhu,

These cameras are very different and it is hard to recommend one or the other without knowing what you shoot. Even though the Fuji will beat the Pentax when it comes sheer image quality, the Pentax is the more flexible tool here since it is a DSLR. If you rely on fast AF, the Pentax is better from what I had read about the AF problems with the Fuji. The Pentax lens system is mature and has great variety of prime and zoom lenses.

If you are OK with the slow focusing of the Fuji and the limitations of the "rangefinder" system and lenses, then by all means chose the Fuji. On the other hand, the K5 or K30 with the 15/21/35/70mm lenses is a great compact system and will give you all the flexibility that is inherent in a DSLR system.

If you don't do any extreme sports, action, or wildlife photography, do consider the Olympus EM-5 also. The m4/3's system has now reached a point where I would recommend this to anyone looking for a compact yet capable high quality general photographic system.


madhu0 wrote:

Today I went to a couple of stores and checked Pentax K-30 and Fuji X-Pro1. Following are my impressions:

Pentax K-30:

1) Pentax K-30 is very compact. It feels a little bit of 'plastic'. Definitely not as good as K-5. However, I understand that K-30 is also weather resistant.

2) Shutter sound of K-30 is not as quite as K-5. Focus seems to be snappy. I did not test any focus tracking

3) I shot a bunch of photos with the kit lens (18-135) and it seems okay.

Fuji X-Pro1:

1) Not very compact as you would expect. It is slightly clunky but feels solid.

2) EVF is as good as last generation. Slow and some lagging

3) OVF is good, but with frame lines and rangefinder style shooting, I am not sure about the focussing (Definitely not as fast as K-30)

4) I shot some shots with 35mm lens. It is great.

I have not done any testing of Pentax with some of the limited lenses which will make the playing field even (at least that is what I think).

I am still confused. On one side Fuji seems to have great image quality, but slow AF and rangefinder kind of limitation makes it less attractive. Other side Pentax is compact, but not tested using some of the great prime lenses like 31mm.

One of the main thing that I am trying to find out is how much is the image quality difference especially shot with some good lenses. If it is close, I would go for Pentax due to the AF.


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