Dark frame subtraction and WB question

Started Jul 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
Thomas Comerford Veteran Member • Posts: 9,745
Re: D'oh!

inasir1971 wrote:

Is there any software that can apply a dark frame subtraction on a RAW file and output a RAW file?

There is ( http://www.pixelfixer.org ) but I haven't yet finished adding support for the D800. I hope to have it done soon.

As for the magenta color, the amp glow should apply to all pixels/photodetectors equally since no light is involved - the photodetectors are all the same, the CFA makes then sensitive to R,G, or B by selectively filtering light. The magenta must be a result of differential gain applied to pixels of different color channels.

Based on my observations, if a raw converter sees similar R, G & B pixel values in the raw data it interprets it as pink/magenta. And you're right, the amp glow does affect all photosites equally.

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