When is it no Longer "New" and now a "Demo?"

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Re: So you'll never buy a "new" car test-driven by somebody else? (nt)

Lowest milage I have seen on a car is 4 miles. This was a rental car in Orlando, it had to have some milage added driving over from the wherever the cars are dropped off. So I expect it had maybe 2 miles on it from the factory. Car worked really well for the first 20 miles, then the radiator hose fell off. First time I have had a rental car that needed to be towed, hopefully it will be the last. Bought my last car new and it was 2 years old at the time and had several hundred miles on the odometer. There is probably some limit on the number of miles a car can be driven but for the most part as long as a title is not issued it is new. Of course we got a pretty good discount on the car when we bought it.

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