Fuji Flash on Samsung NY System works?

Started Jul 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Fuji Flash on Samsung NY System works?

I think it has to do with trigger voltage. The NX line all use 3.5v as the trigger voltage. The reason why the NX200 and older (anything newer will work with everything) don't work is because of a firmware based voltage protection it seems. I think if they allowed those older cameras to fire with any old flash gun there would be more complaints in this forum than this issue.

What works (that i've tested):

-Any canon flash
-Hahnel Combi TF triggers
-Cactus V4
-Yongnuo YN560 (NOT MK II)

These all have a 3.5v trigger voltage.

The NX20 reportedly has fixed this issue, so they don't have the firmware limitations. As much as Samsung want people to buy their flashes, I don't think excluding third party gear was actually part of their marketing strategy...

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