Handheld macro & EVF - best options?

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Handheld macro & EVF - best options?


I have a G1 (which is going strong). I do the occasional bit of hand held macro (flowers, insects etc) using a legacy lens with an extension tube.

The magnified view is the only way of getting critical focus but, in practical terms it is tricky because:

(a) the slightest subject movement causes the magnified image in the EVF to tear;
(b) the lack of IS makes me more likely to introduce movement;

(c) the slight lag between me moving the camera to get focus and the image updating in the EVF can cause me to over adjust.

I don't really do enough macro to warrant getting the PL 45mm macro lens so my options look to be:

(1) get a close up lens instead and use with the 14-45 & 45-200 lenses and let the camera do the focus. (The success rate might still be higher than my current approach!)
(2) upgrade to the G3, which apparently has an improved EVF

(3) upgrade to the EM5, the EVF of which can process a higher frame rate and would stabilise the EVF image with legacy lenses.

To be honest, much as I would love to get the EM5, I think it would be even more of an extravagance than the PL 45mm lens. And the G3 will probably be replaced soon so the next model might have a better EVF......

Even so, have any G3 or EM5 owners who do macro and use magnified view have any comments on their experiences?


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