A57 versus A65

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Re: Potentially better.

tbcass wrote:

My A55, which I still own, is equal to in IQ but not better than my A65 above iso800. I have done comparison tests of both cameras and came to that conclusion some time ago. Below iso 1600 the A65 is better. In the area of ergonomics and video the A65 is a step above the A55.

Look at the picture, not the pixels


What a brief, sensible and helpful post to those of us trying to decide between the a65 and a57. I had an a55, only a year ago, and sold it to go into the m43 thing. I'm back now, convinced that the loss of IQ was a higher price than I wanted to pay for smaller size. I don't hike, so the weight and size is not that important.

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