Pentax K-r damaged... need advice of techs ;)

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Re: Pentax K-r damaged... need advice of techs ;)

Thanks for the input!
There were/are a few problems involved....

  • the metal mount is broken out ;( I use good glue to screw the screws back in. most problematic is NOT the mount being a bit loose, but that the contacts to the lens will not be connected if the mount is a bit tilted ;). ...

secondly, the lens is broken in sone way (1-200 tamron, so could be worse ;), as the aperture lever is not moving quickly any more, but really slow... all pictures are always taken wide open no matter what aperture you set. am trying to fix that.

Thank you GordonBGood!

GordonBGood wrote:

pentx4life wrote:

the K-r of my girlfriend dropped and now it is oddly only working in Sport-mode... it doesnt in any other mode...

any clue why that would be? she said that the bayonett-mount on camera-side cracked a little out of the camera... as she is on holidays I told her to shoot raw, as she said, that Whitebalance can not be changed in sport mode. is that true?

Kevin, it's just a guess but I would hazard that she has damaged the mode dial so that only the Sports picture mode (actually Moving Object as per the manual) contact still works, or that is the mode that is default when none of the mode dial switches contact; this would likely be unrelated to any damage to the lens mount.

Yes, "Picture" modes such as Sports/Moving Object modes and SCN modes have pre sets for many normally adjustable items to make them easier to use. Page 200 of the English manual for the K-r says "White Balance is fixed to AWB (Auto White Balance - GBG) when the capture mode is set to Picture mode or SCN (Scene) mode, or when Cross Processing is set".

Regards, GordonBGood

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