Nikon or Zeiss prime lens for D700

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Re: When you deceive often, it's hard to keep track....

I'm sure Steve would agree it's not a wonderful picture but it's a review shot, designed to show the characteristics of the lens. I'm sure if you see the review samples from most sites including this one, you'd agree that most are somewhat lacking professional quality, due to a number of reasons including budget and time restraints.

I think Steve's image portrays the qualities I was talking about, especially in regards to the way it falls off and bokeh is super smooth, almost looking like a 50mm+ lens in the way it smoothly renders. This is not often seen in wide angle lenses.

oneANT wrote:

Kristian Dowling wrote:

IMO, there is nothing that compares to the Zeiss 35/1.4. I'm not sure why it doesn't get more attention. Maybe it's due to it's size.

I've owned and used all the very best 35mm 1.4 lenses on Leica, Canon and Nikon and the Zeiss Distagon is the very best. It's rendering is the absolute smoothest I've come across, giving the feeling of a telephoto when shot close to subjects.

This is a good example by Steve Huff.

It's sharpness across the frame is only a little short of the Summilux 35/1.4 FLE but it's rendering and transition from sharp to unsharp is unmatched.

I agree about the lens but that is likely the worst portrait photo I've seen from anyone. Am a bit shocked really, I'd have deleted it. Does Huff do any portrait work? I dont really know him but have heard his name kicked about. I on a lousy monitor at the moment but even on it I can see its pretty bad.

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