D800E and Nikkor 24-120 4.0

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Re: D800E and Nikkor 24-120 4.0

While people may be hung up on sharpness, it doesn't usually affect the 'way' people shoot unless they are testing. Concentration on bokeh affects the way people shoot, made obvious by the endless pictures seen with little content and substance, but beautiful bokeh. Often these pictures are never in professional portfolios, not are they ever seen in images that are somewhat historical.

Using long lenses may isolate and accentuate narrow apertures but the compression and perspective is somewhat detached from the subject. Personally I prefer to shoot no longer than 85mm, especially for portraits (excluding head shots). Long lenses tend to look voyeuristic and detached.

slimandy wrote:

Kristian Dowling wrote:

btw, bokeh is the most overrated part of photography

I wouldn't nesesarily agree with this. Too many people seem hung up on sharpness and the lasterst buzz word - resolution - and overlook bokeh. Its not the key to every shot but it can make all the difference to some.

When I want bokeh, I take out a prime lens and shoot at apertures wider than f/2.8.

When I want narrow DoF I use fast lenses. For nice bokeh (more blur) I tend to take longer lenses for a narrower field of view. Better still, long and fast for narrow DoF and narrow FoV.

b.t.w. I think the 24~120 has quite nice bokeh. It knocks spots off the 16~85 I used on DX.

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