Is OM-d autofocus accurate?

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Re: I'm suggesting that it's not a focus problem.

acahaya wrote:

the only reason i can think of is that IBIS managed an unblurred image but due to users camera shake, focus field was not where supposed to be.

That is certainly a possibility, but I'm suggesting that it may not be a focus problem at all... given the huge amount of depth of field you get focusing 30 feet away with 50mm at f/6.3. The reason I mentioned turning off IBIS is two-fold:

  • using a tripod will eliminate the possibility of camera shake being an issue, but IBIS should be turned off for tripod shooting.

  • I would also try shooting handheld without IBIS as long as the shutter speed is at least 1/125s. IBIS is known to occasionally produce soft images between 1/60s and 1/125s.

You can check the fyocus field in image review mode. Make sure it is exactly where you wanted it to be.

This doesn't tell you how far the camera focued... Only where in the frame it was set to focus.

Say you have Shutter Release Priority enabled. You can attempt to focus on something 30 feet away, but still fire off the shutter before actual focus is achieved. I haven't tried this setting yet on my E-M5, so I don't know if you still get the green focus field in review or not when focus was never achieved.

Personally I have not had focus issues with any lenses at any focal distance, but I have only had the E-M5 for a week. The 12-50 seems especially quick and accurate when it comes to autofocus. I have however seen IBIS cause softness in a few shots I took using the 45mm f/1.8 at 1/100s though. I disabled IBIS and was able to get much sharper shots at that shutter speed. At 1/50s or slower IBIS is more consistent for me.


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