I'm back.. A few AW bird pics and a question.

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harry cannoli
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I'm back.. A few AW bird pics and a question.

Hey Guys...

Firstly, sorry for dropping the Wildlife Thread. I hope you're all doing well. I heard about the passing of Derek. That's really sad, I hope he moved on to a better place.

Me? A while back I went to the doctor because I had muscle and joint pain. 6 months later I know what's wrong. Nothing can be done except handling the pain with meds. Could be worse. I'm still here except my days of walking miles through the wetlands are gone. Mostly now I shoot close to the car, or from my car. My meds have been dialed in, I'm not sleeping 16 hours a day anymore and I can get around a bit. I'm not complaining, I'm a big guy and have been a big guy my entire life and have worn out my skeletal and muscular systems by having them support and move all my weight. Life changing but not life threatening. I deserve it for taking such poor care of myself.

I've just started going out again and shooting. My gear feels like it weighs a ton and hurts like hell moving it around so mostly I find a tree and wait for the birds come to me.

It's a surprisingly good plan. Here's a few from two trees in the same park I shot recently. Forgive me, but these images were not captured with Sony.

Everyone around here likes ducks and geese so I'll start with this one, shot from my car a few months ago. It was the first time I went out in months and it was very painful just picking up the camera. After this I hung it up for a while, too painful, not fun

Now I'm feeling quite a bit better so I've been going out a bit more while taking it as easy as I can. The following are from a single tree, observed over a period of abot 10 hours a day over a recent weekend.

Kestrel with lunch. Lighting awful (it's always something)

Kestrel with a lizard tail. My guess is that the lizard escaped and that his tail will grow back in time.

Bullocks oriole

Brewers blackbird


Western kingbird

Took a look at the water I was near and saw these guys passing by

All and all, not bad for having my kesyter planted in the same spot for the entire weekend.

A week or two ago I returned to a tree close by and found a family of kestrels living in a birdhouse put up by the park people to attract woodpeckers.

Dad checking up on the kids

And the kids

So that's the plan for now. Keep it as easy as I can. Be patient and wait. Thank you for looking.

Onto the Wildlife Thread..

Once again my apologiies for falling off the face of the earth, but I would gladly pick up where I left off with the Wildlife thread. Please let me know. Of course if this thread death-spirals off page one without a reply I'll have my answer.

Again, I hope everyone is doing well.


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