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Sadly, I had to experience a dead pixel problem as well. One day I found a very prominent dead pixel on one of my pictures and when I checked the ones I took from the day I got the camera, it was there, too.

Camera went to Fuji service and came back four weeks later with the notice that the sensor has been replaced. I took a few new photos and guess what: the pictures now showed around 10-12 times more dead pixels than before! There is a also very prominent red line of red pixels (5-6 pixels long) now which shows up on each picture (more or less visible depending on ISO, exposure, amount of light). What went wrong? I just do not know.

I am quite disappointed since I will be going on vacation by the end of next week and it seems as if I am going with an X-Pro 1. Quite a shame for paying nearly $ 3,000 for a new camera plus some lenses and getting a back from service which delivers worse than before.

I have asked for a replacement of the camera to be made. Although Fuji service is very responsive and friendly to my calls / emails, I am a bit in fear what I will receive from their service department next time.


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