D800E and Nikkor 24-120 4.0

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Re: D800E and Nikkor 24-120 4.0

There are a few pics on my site taken with this lens including this picture. http://www.kristiandowling.com/#/gallery-1--colour/KJD_5142_edit__1_s

To start off, I am a professional photographer, but one who cares just as much about the gear as the next amateur. BUT, I have learnt to know when to care and when to not, allowing me to make good equipment choices that best suite the particular job at hand.

Therefor I use the 24-120mm when flexibility and speed are required, where bokeh is not a factor in the picture, like in those you have seen with Katy Perry and the one above. I never usually shoot this wider than f/5.6 and couldn't care less about the bokeh with the kinds of pictures I shoot with this. From what I 'have' seen the bokeh is perfectly fine.....btw, bokeh is the most overrated part of photography that usually motivates the photographer to be distracted into shooting more for the 'out of focus' area than the content of the image itself. When I want bokeh, I take out a prime lens and shoot at apertures wider than f/2.8.

Compared to the 24-70, the 24-120 is by far more versatile unless I need to shoot action, giving me that extra stop of shutter speed. The VR on the 24-120 comes in handy to me more often at events when the f/2,8 aperture does on the 24-70 so I use it more often and never worry about giving up image quality. Side by side the 24-70 may be a little sharper to f/4 and has a little less distortion at 24mm but the 24-120 goes to 120mm, a great head shot focal length.

Yes the build quality of the 24-70 is better, but neither would withstand heavy drops on concrete and so far the 24-120 has been bumped around and has withstood some decent abuse. I am very fortunate to have both so I don't need to choose but I'd say that if you can overlook the build factor, the size, weight, focal length and VR will more than make up for not having a 24-70 around.

With the money saved on a 24-70, you could get a nice 85/1.8G and you'd be much better served, IMHO.

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