Sony A77, AF-A, and DMF... Should I be worried???

Started Jul 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony A77, AF-A, and DMF... Should I be worried???

Yes, Agree DMF has nothing to do with Peaking. Just makes DMF more useful. If it weren't for the peaking, I wouldn't really have a use for DMF.

I guess since I was never really a big fan of AF-A anyway, I will leave DMF set, and I can switch between AF-S(ingle), DMF (via AF-A), and AF-C(ontinuous) easy enough with the switch on the front.

Thanks everyone for the input.

  • Mike

P.S. Why wouldn't Sony enable (via a menu option, of course) Peaking while in autofocus mode. I think the peaking isn't so distracting that it's going to keep me from taking the shot.. I can see a menu option called "Autofocus Peaking" with options called "Off", "Momentary" (say, show peaking for 1/2 second after focus lock, then turn it off), and "On" (show after focus lock, as long as half pressed.) I think I would leave this on Momentary, if it was an option...

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