Canon 5d got wet.... likely damage??

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John Zeman Regular Member • Posts: 324
Re: Canon 5d got wet.... likely damage??

Back in April my 5D2 didn't just get wet it was submerged for a second or two when I slipped while crossing a stream. At first I did everything wrong, I didn't get the battery out for several minutes and before I did I kept trying to see if the camera would work. And for awhile it tried to work although it wasn't right. Finally it just died. Only then did I pull the battery out of it and when I got home a few days later I filed an insurance claim to have the camera replaced, which it was.

Meanwhile I had also taken out the date/time battery, the lens had been removed of course, and I just let the camera sit. On hot sunny days I'd lay my drowned 5D2 on the dash of my pickup and kept the windows rolled up so it would bake in the heat. Finally one month after I'd drowned it I put the battery back in and gave it a try. It worked, and it's still working just like it always did before I'd drowned it. Of course that doesn't mean it'll keep working but if it dies on me tomorrow I won't complain, after all insurance replaced it for me.

So don't give up on your 5D until you've given it a really good drying out.

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