Transporting 600 f4

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Re: Transporting 600 f4

I went to Tanzania last October, I know what you are going through . I bought the Guru Gear 30 l bag. My Nikon 600 fit in one side. You can put other gear in the other side till you hit the weight limit.

What I would recommend is getting a safari vest. Ingot one from Henry,s and filled the pockets with my laptop, iPad, d3, 70-200 lense and other items. There are no rules on what you carry on your person. The vest is dorkey, but the other two photographers with me are buying one after have to check their stuff and I walked through.

Once you get you're airline tickets and they tag your carry on, you can move all your stuff from the vest into the Guru bag before going through security.
I never had a problem after that.

On another note when you transfer planes in Europe you will have to go through security again before boarding the plane. They do not weigh anything so you are ok.

Have a good trip.

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