G1X, Marco what are your settings for your great pics?

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Marco Nero
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Re: G1X settings

Rich the Hiker wrote:

Marco, your G1X photos posted in many threads never fail to amaze me and others. I don't know if anyone has asked you this already, but was wondering if you would be happy to share your G1X camera settings with us newbies?

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your kind words... I've seen plenty of excellent pictures from other G1X users here and those users may not be doing any editing at all. As Carolyn has noted, I've been shooting and editing as per below:

  • G1X Settings

  • All pictures usually taken handheld in 'P-Mode'.

  • G1X was set to 'Auto ISO'

  • G1X settings in 'My Colors' set to color (+1) contrast (+1) saturation (+1)

  • Post Processing Settings

  • Lightroom 4: Clarity +2, Vibrance +4, Saturation +4

  • Lightroom 4: Sharpness increased +2

  • Lightroom 4: Noise Reduction (Luminance) +4 (Color) +4

  • Lightroom 4: Shadows lifted +5

  • Photoshop CS2: Resized

  • Photoshop CS2: Noise reduction IF needed - MINOR (via 'Neat Image' pluggin)

None of these settings need to be used. I just have a routine of editing my pictures via the above settings because I like the results that I get.

Note that of yesterday I have changed the "saturation" on the camera to MAXIMUM . I will post some results this evening in another thread when I get home. I expected this to be too vivid but it actually seems to be much closer to the colors on my old Canon Pro1 with this increase. It's fairly subtle on the G1X and I can still lower the color saturation or increase it if need be when I get home.

I've noticed a lot of your pics are in P mode and perhaps mostly JPEGS, could you provide any further tips with us all, whether you use any custom settings etc?

Something I do OCCASIONALLY when I'm shooting in sunlight is to activate the built-in ND filter... which warms up colors slightly but it prevents the blowout of brightly lit objects (faces or buildings) when in sunlight. Personally, I feel that Circular Polarizers are not required unless eliminating reflections on glass or to enhance shots of water outdoors. If you just want contrasting skies, the G1X does a pretty good job without one.

Sometimes I switch to Av (Aperture Priority) Mode when I want a deeper DOF and I have preset the aperture to f/5.8

I have found that the built-in flash is actually surprisingly good!

I prefer to mount a cheap, clear 58mm UV filter on the camera when shooting near the ocean to prevent salt-mist from adhering to the lens.

Despite all the information above, the G1X is a bit of a 'no brainer' to use... The main reason for this is the low noise/high ISO sensor capability coupled with a quality lens. In P-Mode, I just find that it takes very good pictures. I carry an s95 subcompact camera daily... altough these days I find myself leaving it at home more, and more often in favor of the G1X.

Light is the key ingredient to making a picture appealing to the eye. Like any camera, the G1X can take a boring picture or an exciting one based on the nature of the light available at the time.

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