Worst. Photo. Ever.

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Re: Strongly disagree

clengman wrote:

Bull. Maybe they hired him for his "unconventional view

Sorry, but the comment I was replying to said

He was paid to promote US Olympic Team. Instead, he promoted himself at the expense of his client. It is unprofessional and dishonest."

That comment is obviously refuted by my quote, as well as your quote of Joe Klamar.

"I work for a news agency and I wasn’t taking pictures for a Nike ad"

'We are a news agency, not a PR or advertising agency hired by the Olympics and may I stress - as some internet sites have suggested - that these are not the official portraits of the U.S. Olympic team but only the images distributed by us."

clengman wrote:

Bull. Maybe they hired him for his "unconventional view,"
but someone forgot to give him the memo. According to the photographer himself,
he expected to be taking purely documentary/archival headshots. He came to the

event with no studio equipment and borrowed backdrops and lights from another photographer.

I don't think that when you hire someone "for his unconventional view", you need to tell him that.

Looking at Joe Klamar's pictures (before this job, Look at this photo:

), I'd definitely say that he has an unconventional view. Do you think AFP didn't know that when they hired him, or that they didn't hire him because of that?

The only thing I agree with you, is that AFP's statement:

"'The results of this photo shoot are exactly why we sent Joe Klamar in the first place"

is "PR damage control. "

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