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Thanks Seth! You get my point.

My intent was not to advertise the Six Sigma Process but to share we should expect Six Sigma end results: Low Defects in the market place. Six Sigma in practice is to provide quality controls to ensure a product that functions as expected and free from defects off the shelf.

As consumers we shouldn't be beta testers, QC resources, defect finders but people who can enjoy the product we spent our hard money own to operate as designed. We shouldn't accept mediocrity and be forced to leverage technical/repair service to resolve a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place if proper QC was in place; Companies do it because consumers accept it.

Repair service is a part of a part of a company for the exceptions to spec not as the rule to finish a product build. Why should we spend our money to get a product home then send it off to repair for a week or 2 so it will meet the original intended specifications or why should we be OK with accepting slight deviations from original specis.

With that said, I do love Nikon Products. I own a lot of Nikon products however, I am surprised at the number of defects with the D800 and previously the D7000. No nothing is perfect but too much is not acceptable.

SethG wrote:

beshannon wrote:

Power2g wrote:

I am assured that the defective rate is much much higher than this for the D800.

Please provide a source and a verifiable method of proof for this statement.

That's easy. Nikon's build rate is something like 30k units/month. Let's assume that they've been manufacturing D800's since the beginning of the year. That means there are about 200,000 D800's in the wild. Thom Hogan has said that he's handled two or three D800s that are defective. If those are the ONLY defective D800 cameras that have hit the market, it's not Six Sigma.

It appears that Nikon's QC was more lax than usual for some reason with the D800. Maybe it was a rush to market after what happened last year? Or an attempt to beat Canon to the stores. Or the disruptions from last year are still having an effect. Or something else.

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