Thom Hogan e-book for D800/D800e ready

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First impressions

Yes, got it yesterday and have been plowing through it, so far my thoughts:

He will teach you, in great detail, what is going on, and how to understand what and why the camera is doing. Applying that is up to you. If you want hand holding, this is not for you.

The not so good:
No-one will ever accuse him of brevity.
Not a book if you want to walk away with quick tips or rules of thumb.

He will err on the side of pure and perfect, at the cost of complexity. I am as much of a control freak as the next guy, but there are plenty of things that are too small to matter and I will trade away for sake of convenience, speed etc.

For example, I set my aperture control to half stops rather than thirds, as I am always going from wide open in Live view to f8 etc, and this makes it quicker to do. I lose precision of 1/6 of a stop, which on a D800 shooting raw I care not one jiffy. Thom says every little bit helps. We differ.

The good:
Encyclopedic, authoritative, accurate. A true reference book.
Insanely good value for money. Nice to have on your phone.

A few things on AF modes are worth the price alone - his diagrams on AF points and cross-points are vastly better than the manual, and he cleared up several questions I had about the changes to focus/release modes.

If you have an question, this ebook is an awesome way to get an answer, and highly recommended.

@lightheartedgent - he calls the D800 his desert island camera - if he could only use one camera for the next few years, it would be this one. What does that tell you?

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