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Re: split the forum - thoughts

Probably the most rational post here and that's from an E-M5 owner (who happens to think Panny largely makes the best lenses).

acahaya wrote:

I do understand people getting annoyed by countless E-M5 / OM-D threads but this problem will solve itself in the near future when the GH3 and other new mFT cams are introduced/ available. Until then the easiest workaround is to simply not open OM-D related threads.

The other reason seems to be the hope to limit the fanboy posts, i.e. putting Panasonic and Oly cam owners on their own little separate islands (no bridge, no ferry, vast ocean between those 2 islands). In reality Oly fanboys will troll in the new Panasonic forum and vice verca. FF enthusiasts will open 2 equivalence tasks in both new forums.

Splitting the forum will not solve this problem. The ignore button and thinking before answering does.

On the other hand, we will run into problems whenever someone wants to talk about a specific camera / lens combination. Should this go to the lens or to the manufacturers (cam) forum?

If we all could aggree on using tags in the title to point out that this is a XYZ cam, lXYZ ens, mFT, photo, ... related thread, it would be easier to skip threads we are not interested in.

I really like the idea of a separate forum for mFT photos but have to admit that i also enjoy looking at some nice images by Bob, Louis, Neil, .... while browsing the current forum. Those threads are the kind of the break i need from time to tine to remind me, why i actually bother at all about technical aspects.

In the end the goal for most of us is to take good pictures with the gear we currently own. To do this, we need to learn as much as we can about our gear, including its strong and weak points.


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