5D MK3 battery problem

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Re: 5D MK3 battery problem

Thanks for the advice. I'll stop using the generic battery. I used generics (different company than the one I have now) in my 40D with no problems.

Phil wrote:

Hideki Ueha wrote:

I've been getting this with a generic battery in my 5D3. The company has been extremely proactive, but the 2nd battery still has the issue.

So the reason I asked is we pay for Canon quality. The generic battery may or may not have the same exact contact plating, as well as, may or may not have the same safety agency ratings.

The contact base material is likely a copper or a copper alloy. Copper like a penny loves oxidize (which makes for a bad contact that acts like what you are experiencing) so it is normally sealed with two or three layers on plating to keep it away from the contact surface. If the plating is not done correctly the copper will migrate up through the plating and reach the surface of the contact and cause what you have now.

Once this has occurred any cleaning process will have very short term results. Any abrasive cleaning can further damage the already thin plating exposing more copper molecules. A chemical contact cleaner for electronics followed by a contact lubricant can extend the service but this is not something that should be used casually on photographic gear.

The worst thing that can occur is transference of the copper leaching up through the contacts on the generic battery being mechanically transferred onto the cameras contacts. Once this happens the camera body contacts may start acting unreliable even with the Canon battery.

Everyone says the generics are fine, but not everyone saying that is a reliability engineer. I am and I don't use them.
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