12-35 compliment or replace primes?

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Re: 12-35 compliment or replace primes?

I am just finishing a two week trip to Rockies. I had the 7-14, 14-150 and 100-300 plus three Pentax primes, a 21, 43, and a 77mm. I have been deciding between the 12-35 and the CV 25mm f0.95. Now I love my Pentax primes with my K-5 but on a trip with family, swapping lenses constantly was more or less out of the question. The last week was with out the kids on some serious nature hikes and I learned a lot. Probably could have done the whole shoot with the 12-35. The GH2's wide angle mode would have almost replaced the 7-14 except for a few really wide scenes. Since we saw almost no wild life, the 100-300 was just a boat anchor I carried everywhere. Using the primes on the GH2 is not hard but the extra steps of focusing then polarizer adjustment with no lens feedback gave me a real feeling of what the CV 25 would be like. Just too many things to think about that take away from enjoying the moment. I will still use my Pentax primes for street photography but next time in the field, it will be the 7-14, 12-35 plus the Oly 60 macro when that is released. Maybe the 75 will be in the future as I am not sure how big the 35-100 will be when released.

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