Please, DPR, please - make a new Olympus Mirrorless System Talk...

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Re: Please, DPR, please - make a new Olympus Mirrorless System Talk...

szlevi wrote:

TEBnewyork wrote:

I'm sorry that you don't think that you can interact or learn from others that don't use the OM-D that is pretty sad.

I never said that, stop putting up another on of your usual strawman arguments, please.

Really this is what you wrote above on this thread:

"Sorry but I want a home for my OM-D, period."

It's about the giving us the choice of getting into the MFT forum or getting in the OM-D forum , plain and simple.

Why the OM-D forum E-P3, E-PL3 etc. are Oly cameras too.

You are newer to this forum but have been really intolerant since day 1. Why not try ease up a bit.

Ahh, a personal one... it was only a matter of time, I guess - lack of meaningful argument never fails to bring out some personal comment, it's always a safe bet.

Speaking of intolerancy yes, I hate false pseudo-scientific nonsense (eg comparing different shots taken at different focal, exposure etc and declaring some super-stupid arbitrary conclusion) or plain stupidity (see current denial of the Sony sensor in OM-D by certain Panasonic fans etc.)

I stick by what I said. My meaningful argument is that many people on this forum have gear from both companies and have the ability to pick and choose what they look at and there is a button to get to the second page if the first page fills up.

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