Abnormally high amount of noise from 7D? (with video sample)

Started Jul 7, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Abnormally high amount of noise from 7D? (with video sample)

TTMartin wrote:

Sorry, complaining that a camera has too much noise when you shoot with the lens cap on is silly, and NOT a problem with the camera.

Shoot some REAL video and see if your camera has too much noise.

edit: DO NOT send your camera in for repair, there is NOTHING wrong with it.

If you think it has too much noise please RETURN it, and buy a Nikon or a Sony or any camera besides a Canon.

You are just driving up the cost of everybody else’s Canon gear by sending it in for repair because it has too much noise WHEN THE LENS CAP IS ON.

Thank for that TTMartin, couldn't watch the videos as I said & wasn't aware this "test" was with lens cap on. What a real world test at that! Since when does any digital camera perform admirably in pitch black? Whatever noise is there I'd disregard, it's not realistic. To heck w/normalizing as one said, I'd NEVER rely on shooting a lenscap over REAL world samples. Only if there's an issue shooting in the real world as it's designed to is it likely in need of service.



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