Gitzo 1541T with Markins Q3TR-Q Traveler Head Problem

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Re: Gitzo 1541T with Markins Q3TR-Q Traveler Head Problem

That Locktite Blue did not work is surprising. I had to apply significant force to remove the RRS clamp from a BH-25 head I purchased to break the Locktite seal. I have the same Markins head on Benro C-2680 legs, and I have no issues with the head loosening, even though I do not use Locktite.

The Markins' tension (drag) and panning lock mechanics are not as elegant nor functional as the RRS BH-55. Is the head loosening when you set the tension high and move a heavier camera setup? The Markins' panning lock moves with my Canon 5D II and a lens like the 17-40mm f/4. (I hopes this stops as I break in the head!)

When I first get a new head, I pan clockwise only for a week or two, especially with the panning lock partially tightened, and that has always worked to tight the head sufficiently.

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