Manual Focus Live View Nikon D800E

Started Jul 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
lita Regular Member • Posts: 140
How easy and accurate is the focus with Live View.


I come from different fora, and I am brand agnostic. I am seriously looking towards the D800E and I am waiting for the dust to settle a little bit before pouncing.

Anyway, I foresee using a lot of manual lenses only on the D800E, just like you are doing. I remember in the early days after the launch of the D800E, on this forum, people complaining about the image in LiveView, because apparently it uses a small interpolated image, or something of the sort. Apparently this reduced the usefulness of the LiveView function greatly in regards to fine focusing, some even said they would not use it at all and were quite peeved at the situation.

I was wondering what is your take on that, meaning do you like what you see when you use LiveView on the D800E and is it truly helping you fine focusing your manual only lenses.

This matters quite a deal to me and I would much appreciate your feedback.

Thanks in advance for any response.

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