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SpyderLensCal, LensAlign, Reikan, Focus Pyramid...

Deegee wrote:

1 Datacolor SpyderLensCal. This would instinctively be my first choice. I have their colour calibration kit which is not only in itself excellent but their tech support is unbelievably good – way beyond what you could reasonably expect. Also, this product is easily available in the UK within 24 hours – alternatives are not. My only concern is that I want to calibrate long lenses and I am not sure that their unit is large enough. I shall ask the question of them directly tomorrow.

2 LensAlign. This is the most-referred to product on this forum – looks good and has a larger target upgrade for longer lenses. It is not the cheapest, but hey, I have a fortune invested in bodies and lenses so a few more dollars to calibrate them properly is unfortunate but irrelevant in the scale of things. Downside is that I have to order from the US and carriage costs and import duty can (from experience) contain nasty unknowns and there will be an inevitable delay.

3 Reikan Focal software solution. Frankly, I would have just bought this “unseen” – on paper it looks good. However, there is no support for the D4, just the D800 and unless you have a Canon it will not test anything apart from the centre focus point (according to their web site). Consequently, today at least it simply cannot do what I need. I shall follow the product’s future developments with interest though.

4 Pyramid (can’t remember the full name). It looked a good, simple and cheap solution but my gut feeling is that it may not be sufficiently sophisticated for my needs. (Do not assume this statement to be correct. Please make your own judgement or contradict me. Remember, I have no knowledge of the lens calibration process, nor of the various products, which is why I ask my question.)

I have the Focus Pyramid and the best things about it is that it's relatively inexpensive and very portable. The problem is that in most cases it's simply too small to be useful. Have you had any luck with any of the other solutions?


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