Lens advice for a beginner (still confused about this topic)

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Re: Lens advice for a beginner (still confused about this topic)

I have Pentax K5 and from my experience i´d say like somebody else already have said go with 18-55 and 55-300. Don´t take 50-200, it´s way too soft, I tried that before 55-300 and returned it. I don´t have 18-55 myself but 16-50, today though I would choose 18-55 and not 16-50 as it´s too big and too heavy.

For your use I don´t think you need any prime. I have 15, 31, 43, 77 and 100 myself and if i should only choose one of them together with the the two zooms I would choose 31 mm, which of course is better regarding sharpness and bokeh and in low light situations – but if you don´t really need it you pay all too much for that little extra. The difference may hardly be visible for most people on the internet. So no need to think that the two zooms are not good enough and that you´d do a lot better with one of the famous Pentax primes

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